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    Get skilled and qualified with a Certificate III in Dental Assisting with our hands on course and online modules. Work with real dental professionals on real patients and learn to make a real difference.

What is a Dental Assistant?

Dental assistants assist a range of registered dental practitioners such as:

Where do Dental Assistants work?

can work in a variety of settings including:


What tasks are allocated to Dental Assistants?

A dental assistant performs a wide variety of tasks through out their work day.

These are usually determined by the type of  patients allocated to your practitioner that day. This information is generated by the receptionist to form your “day sheet”.


The duties of a dental assistant range from and are dependent on the requirements of the practice where you work):


Do Dental Assistants have to be Register or Licenced?

Dental Assistants that have completed the Certificate III in Dental Assisting do not have to be registered or obtain a licence.

A Dental Assistant that has completed the Certificate IV in Dental Assisting may have to hold a Radiation Use Licence if those electives have been selected.

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