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Vocational Placement Overview – HLT33115 – Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

This qualification reflects the role of a variety of workers who use a range of factual, technical, and procedural knowledge to provide assistance to health professional staff for the care of clients. Health services assistance involves the worker in direct client contact under supervision.

Licensing/Regulatory Information – No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

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Vocational Placement

Vocational Placement or Structured Workplace learning is an essential requirement to successfully complete the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance HLT33115. While you are undertaking Work Placement you will receive on the Job Training and can put the theory and skills you have learnt while undertaking your theory components of the course into practice.
The aims of Vocational Placement are for you to:

  • Put the knowledge you have learnt during the course into practice.
  • be exposed to the workplace, health or aged care facility environment and make contacts that could help you find or secure a job once you graduate.
  • develop and practise the skills required
  • complete assessments/tasks in a real work environment, under appropriate supervision.
  • Vocational Placement is the most rewarding part of our students experience as they have reported working face to face with clients and colleagues has had a huge impact on their career confidence.
How many hours of Vocational Placement will I be required to complete?

AADA College requires students to complete 375 hours vocational placement within an accredited health or aged care provider, with a compulsory minimum 80 hours for HLTAIN001 - Assist with nursing care in an acute care environment.

Who is involved in my Vocational Placement?
  • You the student
  • The Workplace: The place of business you will complete your Vocational Placement.
  • Your Workplace Supervisor: This will be a staff member within the place of business that has experience in the industry and holds the appropriate qualification/s. They will supervise and mentor you during your vocational placement. For the unit HLTAIN001 - Assist with nursing care in an acute care environment, there must be a Registered Nurse to supervise the compulsory 80 hours you are required to log.
  • AADA College Trainer and Assessor: AADA College Trainer and Assessor’s have many years experience working in the Industry.
    To ensure the company you are going to complete your Vocational Placement hours at, are equipped and have qualified staff on the premises they will contact the workplace and have them complete a vocational placement agreement.

Your Trainer and Assessor will be in constant contact with you while you progress through your theory components of the course and ensure appropriate times to complete onsite assessments in the workplace are negotiated at a time appropriate to all parties.

Am I required to have a Placement before I enrol into the course?

No, although it is a advantage to have work placement or employment prior to enrolling, you can enrol and start the course first. By starting the underpinning knowledge of the units of competency within the qualification before you start work, this can/will assist you in understanding expectations within the workplace.

I’m already employed and working within the Industry; will this count as Vocational Placement?

Yes, however AADA College will need to check that your current workplace and supervisor meet the requirements of the course.

What businesses are suitable for Vocational Placement?

To meet the National requirements of this course, the majority of Vocational Placement will need to occur in a Healthcare Facility. They must provide a range of health care services, including nursing and personal care to clients.

This could include:

  • Hospital
  • Aged Care Facility
Do I need Insurance for Vocational Placement?

No, AADA College provides Public and Product Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance during your Vocational Placement.

How do I find my Vocational Placement? What support/assistance will I receive from AADA college?

It is expected you will find your own Vocational Placement. Approaching Health Facilities in your area for the opportunity to complete your Vocational Placement while undertaking the Certificate III in Health Services Assistance - HLT33115 will prove to be great practice for you in finding a job within in the industry.

The employer who provides you with the opportunity for Vocational Placement may offer you a job when you graduate! Use this time as a though it is an extended interview. Ensuring you arrive to work on time and ready to work while you are there can show the employer you are serious about working with them upon completion of your course.

AADA College will provide you advise on finding your Vocational Placement in the forms of:

  • Assisting with cover letters and resume
  • How to research the best possible organisations
  • Advise on how to present yourself while visiting the workplace

As a guide AADA College, expects students within metropolitan areas to make approximately 8 attempts in securing Vocational Placement before we step in. Students within regional areas may have fewer options, however we would expect that you had contacted/visited as many Facilities within your area as possible.

Remember that this is an important opportunity to develop the skills required to secure paid employment later.

What do I need to do before I start Vocational Placement?

AADA College will provide you with clear guidelines to make sure you complete any necessary documentation or assessments before you start. Here are a few key steps that you need to be aware of to ensure a smooth transition to the workplace.

  • When an employer has been engaged for Vocational Placement, you will need to complete the Vocational Placement Assessment Approval Form. Once you have submitted this form to us, our team will review their facilities, resources and ensure your proposed supervisor holds the appropriate qualification to ensure you receive the best on the job training possible.
  • Your Vocational Placement hours can begin once the employer has been approved by our team.
  • Prior to commencing your Vocational Placement, AADA College recommends you complete the theory components of stage 1 (please see below for more details on your study guide), to ensure you have an understanding of Infection Prevention and control policies.
Do employers require further evidence or information before I start my Vocational Placement?

This depends on the employer, you may be required to meet specific requirements due to the nature of the industry. These may vary by workplace and may include:

  • National Police Check
  • Immunisation History against infectious disease
  • Working with Children (blue card)
  • Signing a Code of Conduct
  • Signing a Confidentiality Agreement

Please note if the above are required for your Vocational Placement, these check will be at a cost to you and must be organised by you.

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