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    Get skilled and qualified with a Certificate III in Dental Assisting with our hands on course and online modules. Work with real dental professionals on real patients and learn to make a real difference.


Have you been out of work due to illness or injury?  Dental assisting has you periodically changing what and how you’re doing things.  Sit, stand, movement, writing, holding, talking and no heavy lifting. This is the perfect fulfilling career with a variety of working postures to keep your body happy day-in day-out.

Some of our most successful students have these qualities:

  • Nurturing
  • Multi-tasker
  • Empathetic
  • Motivated to work
  • Compassionate
  • Desire to make a difference
  • Productive
  • Intelligent

Do you enjoy:

  • Structure
  • Being organised
  • Cleanliness
  • Helping people
  • Variety within the day
  • High levels of responsibility

You may have even:

  • Had injuries prohibiting repetitive work
  • Been in a professional role previously
  • Had to leave their job to concentrate on rehabilitation

Does this sound like you? The dental industry is actively looking for people who would be well suited to the variety of work that Dental assisting offers. Re-entering the workforce after rehabilitation can be tricky, but Dental Assisting is perfect for those needing a role that is easy on the body. This job can be very rewarding and will also allow a nice balance of body movement combinations. Being a DA is fulfilling, important, purposeful, makes positive change in people’s lives, helps people stay healthy, minimises pain and improves people’s confidence and can sometimes change the course of one’s life. A healthy, happy smile can be created with your help.

The career opportunities after this course don’t stop with Dental Assisting. It is a new beginning for your career, allowing you to be depended on and can be a step towards many jobs like: Senior Dental Assistant, Specialist Dental Assistant, Clinic Co-ordinator, Clinic HR, Practice Manager, Sales Rep, Dentistry Retail Sales industry, Trainer, Forensics, Volunteer to impoverished countries, Future education to become a teacher, Therapist, Dentist and Academic researcher to name a few.

Are you ready to be validated in your new career? You could be hireable and desirable within a year and be on your way to a fulfilling new role as a Dental Assistant, all while keeping your physio happy with your gentle daily movements.

Upskilling has never been easier. Training with AADA can get you the knowledge, know-how and experience in a short period of time to become an asset to any Dental Surgery.
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